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What are the benefits of using T.B.A? 

The Borrowed Apron prepares fresh and healthy meals in adult sized serves. The menu changes weekly providing our clients with much desired diversity and choice - you will never get bored! T.B.A. uses a range of delicious foods and vegetables in ways you would never imagine and capitalises on seasonal variety.


Meals are made by Chef Ash with creativity and passion which can really be felt in the meals delivered to you. In some instances, Chef Ash can make alterations to existing menu items to suit your allergens/dietary requirements.


There are no necessary subscriptions and if you don't order, you wont be charged! You can order as many or as few meals each week as suits your busy schedule. Or, leave the choice to us and we will deliver you a variety of delicious meals!


Try The Borrowed Apron today and let us know your own reasons for why T.B.A benefits you!



Where is the food cooked?

The meals are cooked and prepared in a council registered kitchen.



How much do we cook and what is the minimum?  

​Cooks are based around your orders. Some clients like weekly cooks whilst some prefer to order ad hoc and place in the freezer for busy days.  



How is the food packaged? 

Chef’s Choice and Vegan Fare meals are delivered in biodegradable and oven safe containers. Family Favourites meals come in plastic takeaway containers.



How do I pay? 

Orders can be placed over our website using credit or debit cards. Please contact us if you would prefer to do bank transfer or COD.



If I am a regular client what happens if I need to cancel? 

​We are not a subscription service, so if you don't order - you don't pay!



When do I need to place my order by? 

We require all orders to be finalised by the Thursday before the following week’s cook.   



I have more questions... 

No problem, send us an email at and we will get back to you ASAP! 


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